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Airview over NASSARAWA Province in NIGERIA
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Historic References in NIGERIA / West-Africa to the ancient Nassau County

Dipl. Biol. Peter Ulrich Zanger

The State of NASARAWA as administrative division of the Country of Nigeria was founded and named the 1st October 1996. The Nasarawa State has also a Nasarawa Distric with a town called Nasarawa

No references to the origin of the states name are given. It´s sometimes written with double-s version suggests a relationship to other "Nassau" named sites in Westafrica. If that historic allusion was pretended by the administrative reorganization to point out historic relationships could be topic of further research.

Maps of Nasarawa State in Nigeria
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That the upside mentioned assumption doesn´t lack a fundament of reality is supported by the fact, that other interrelations between the ancient Nassau-Oranjen Empire and the State of Nigeria exist nowadays. So far, the existence of a "Lodge of Masonic Brethrens" in Nigeria called "Lodge Fort Nassau # 1819 S.C." is cited in the "PIETRE-STONES Review of Freemasonry" from 9th October 2008.

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